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John T. Nance Jr. was born October 31, 1953 in Community Hospital in Evanston, Illinois.

As a child he was very active in sports and music but  like most American youth of that time when The Beatles led the British Invasion of the US he fell head over heels in love with the guitar. 

His mother finally gave in to his consistent pleading and bought him his first guitar from Sears when he was 12 years old. For the next 3 years he continued with his sports activity but practiced and played in "kid" bands until at age 15 he was recruited by bassist Donald "Duck" Pryor and with his mother's permission began playing professionally at adult venues and clubs at night while attending high school and participating in sports during the day.

In his Junior year in High School John was recruited by teacher Avon Gillespie and became a prominent member of The Music Department at Evanston Township High School making the decision to choose Music over Athletics and the rest is history.

For the next 2 years he dedicated himself to learning as much as he could about every aspect of Music participating in Choirs, Chorales, Ensembles, Musicals studying Music Theory, performing as a member of the legendary ensemble Spirit of Soul as well as continuing to perform at night at adult venues with Don Pryor.

Upon graduation, John was recruited by and accepted an offer to attend The University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa where he not only majored in Music, but was appointed Executive Vice President, Executive Secretary and Social Chairman of The Hillcrest Dormitory Association his Freshman year and was elected President His Sophomore year. On campus his reputation for running 

On campus his reputation for running an efficient and entertaining organization fueled his popularity and memories that former Hawkeyes still talk about today.

Upon returning home for summer vacation after his sophomore year as he had done the previous year John rejoined the band with Don Pryor but this time things were different. The new member of the band were very dedicated and determined about making a career in the Music Industry and were more interested in writing original music than playing "cover tunes." 






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